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Development path

Development path

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2009. 03      Establishment of the R&D Center   
2011. 06      Establishment of JIAYIN   
2012. 08      Factory designed and installed   
2012. 10      Commercial production of TMG & TEG started and products qualified    
2013. 01      Acquire the Quality & Environment Management certification (ISO 9001&14001)   
2013. 09      Commercial production of TMA(4N) started and products qualified    
2013. 10      Commercial production of TMI & TMA started and products qualified    
2015. 02      Acquire the Occupational health and safety management systems-Requirements (OHSAS 18001)
2016. 05      Establishment of  Subsidiary :Jiayin Technology Co., Ltd   
2016. 11      Commercial production of Cp2Mg started and products qualified    
2017. 10      Commercial  production of semiconductor series precursors    
2018. 03      An investment of 600 million yuan is planned to establish an annual production line of 30000t/a polyol ester refrigeration oil    
2019. 12      Have a set of 20000t/a isononanoic acid device, a set of 6000t/a valeric acid device, a set of 3000t/a heptanoic acid device  

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