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Refrigerating machine oil

Refrigerating machine oil

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Refrigeration oil
With the implementation of the “Montreal Protocol” and the implementation of relevant national policies, the application of new environmentally friendly refrigerants is in a stage of rapid growth, and the demand for matching synthetic lubricants and base oils is bound to usher in explosive growth. POE ester (polyol ester) series products are lubricating base oils for air-conditioning compressors. They are widely used in air-conditioning compressors for households, vehicles, and large air-conditioning units. They are compatible with a new generation of environmentally friendly refrigerants. Matching performance, improved viscosity-temperature properties, and higher viscosity index are currently in short supply. The company invested 600 million yuan in March 2018 to plan to establish an annual 30,000t/a polyol ester refrigerating machine oil production line, aiming to establish a national brand of refrigerating machine oil. The company's existing various types of polyol ester refrigerator oil products cover R134a, R404, R407, R410, R507 and R32 refrigerant compressor systems.

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